Woman Ecstatic When Mama Bobcat And Her Babies Spend An Afternoon Relaxing On Her Front Porch

There are times when real life surpasses fiction, and the scene that artist Kathy Maniscalco witnessed on her doorstep proves it.

The woman published a series of photos and videos of a family of bobcats who decided to use her garden and front porch to spend a few hours napping, relaxing and playing.

The mother, along with her 5 kittens, surprised the owner of the house in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

While 3 of the baby wild cats were sitting on the wall with their mother, another 2 were on the porch. One of the two was not afraid to go upstairs and can be seen meowing into the camera while the other looks like we all do after a hard week at work.

Kathy even mentioned that she is thinking of turning one of the bobcat family pictures into a painting in the future.

"Oh, lo and behold, there were babies, babies who were having their milk snack. I thought, 'Oh, this is too good to be true! What a gift! “So I kept recording little video clips and they stopped feeding and then they started, in another video I posted, they started playing," she said.

According to Kathy, the kittens stretched out, relaxed and were generally adorable. “We got to see their beautiful spotted bellies and the mom who was cleaning them and it was so amazing. I couldn't believe my eyes because I was literally 6 inches away from them. They didn't care at all that my iPhone recorded them.”

That's when Kathy noticed the two kittens hiding on her porch. "And they were so peaceful and I thought, "This is a message that maybe we can all relax.”

The bobcats moved out of the artist's house after about 4 hours.

The scene Kathy captured and shared on social networks caused a sensation on the Internet, where thousands of people were amazed by this beautiful family of bobcats, which seems to come from one of the best Disney movies.

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