Pit Bull Refuses To Be Adopted Without His Chihuahua Friend

Before, their life was lonely and full of suffering on the streets, but since they got together they could never be separated from each other again. They were like soul mates.

When the young pit bull arrived at the shelter he had to be operated because of the aggression he had suffered, which caused infections in his body.

Luckily, everything went well, but if there was one thing that caught everyone's attention, it was that Taco waited in the hallway the whole time. It was a friendship that was clearly unconventional, but if there was one thing he had, it was a lot of love.

Luckily, the vets decided to "break protocol" and let Taco see Merril the pit bull, together they were fine and really looked out for each other's health and well being.

This is why the shelter decided to allow them to be adopted only on the condition that they go together. On several occasions they tried to separate them, but they refused to leave and only showed comfort when they were next to each other.

But the shelter at one point was giving up, and luckily just in time a mail arrived that would change both their lives.

A woman named Jodi wanted to have two dogs in the house, they were the perfect couple and when they met they made a great connection. Now these furry friends have a home, even their food dishes have their names on them and that shows us how much they love them.

In the shelter they miss them but they are certainly very happy to see that they will be together forever.

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