Rescue Dog Keeps Hugging News Reporter Until He Adopts Her

This particular moment took place on an ordinary day. A journalist visited an animal shelter to do a story, and he expected nothing more. However, suddenly a very special dog approached him. The journalist had no food or anything, the dog just approached him for the purpose of giving him love and a hug.

The journalist didn't know what to think. Neither of them had ever seen each other before. But the hug was so meaningful, he had no choice but to accept it. The reporter started petting the dog, giving it the same good vibes he was getting. It was a mutual exchange, and the people who witnessed it couldn't resist starting to record this eloquent connection.

While the journalist was petting him, the poor dog was hugging him more. Those who approached saw that the dog had no intention of letting go of the leg.

It seemed that the dog and the journalist were destined to be together.

They had a connection and there was no denying it. Neither could the journalist. So he did the only appropriate thing in a situation like this: adopt the dog and give it a good home. Fortunately, the video is on the internet and we can enjoy this beautiful beginning of a new friendship.

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