Naughty Cat Gets Caught Trying To Steal owner Food, And His Hilariously Expression Goes Viral On Internet

Remember that piece of cupcake you were going to eat, but you turned around for a moment and it disappeared? This collection is a humorous goodbye to all those tasty snacks that were mercilessly stolen.

Fortunately, these pets were caught red-handed while attempting their crimes, but even if we pardon them, that doesn't prevent them from doing it again.

1. Egg thief!!!

2. When Mom Turns Her Back And You Steal The Leftover Corn Muffins From Dinner

 3.My Girlfriend's Cat Likes To Steal Bagel Bites, When You Catch Him He Pretends To Be Asleep. Meet Neji

4.The Nefarious Mr. Sugar Paws Caught Red-Handed Trying To Steal Some Raw Cauliflower, Which Is Inexplicably One Of His Favorite Foods To Nom

5.My Cat Steals Potatoes And Walks Around Like A Boss

6.Mr. Muffins stealing a muffin

7.Bro My Lunch Has Been Stolen

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