Loyal dog won't leave pregnant German shepherd's side until she gets the help she needs

Dogs are loyal to a fault, even to other dogs it would seem. Murphy, a red-haired dog, sat by his German shepherd friend Marley's side after she had been hit by a car. Pregnant, the German shepherd was left for dead by the person who had hit her, but Murphy refused to leave, keeping her company while they waited for help.

Things looked dire

At first, it looked like no one was going to stop and help Murphy' friend. Fortunately, help did arrive. Rescuers from Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue received word of the two dogs on the side of the road. Faith Easdale, who is a volunteer at the rescue, told The Dodo:

“We received a message she was lying on the side of the road. Marley was in terrible distress and pain and breathing heavily. We weren't even sure if she was going to make it.”

Murphy refused to leave his friend

As for Murphy, he refused to leave Marley's side, even as rescuers lifted her into their vehicle for transport.“She was very heavy and hard to move, but we did it. Murphy wouldn't leave her side on the street,” Easdale said.

Once in the car, Murphy made sure to stay close to Marley, even snuggling up to her to let her know he was there. And while Marley was on her way to the animal hospital to get treated, her battle was far from over. She had suffered some pretty bad injuries that would take time to heal from, plus she was pregnant.

Marley has to have major surgery

“Marley is in shock and is going to require surgery; she has a fracture in her back leg on her tibia and her front leg elbow joint is shattered,” Easdale was informed by the vets. She further explained as events unfolded: “She is being loved on and being made comfortable, and she is getting all her fractures wrapped up, while we reach out for a specialty surgeon to perform surgery on her shattered elbow joint.”

Pregnant with 11 pups

In addition to her extensive injuries, it was also discovered that Marley was pregnant with a litter of 11 puppies. While Marley lay there bandaged and broken, Murphy still refused to leave her side, however, ultimately staying with her as as she recovered. Eventually, shelter staff decided to find Murphy a home – and soon, he was off to a new, forever home.

“He was able to be with her in the hospital, but she was so critical that he wanted to go run and play,” Easdale said.

Marley and her puppies recover in foster care

After Marley had her pups, she and her litter went to a foster home to recover and get ready for adoption into their own forever homes. Meanwhile, the furry family received all the love and care that they needed. Even though Murphy was no longer at her side, they were both in better places.

Marley finds a forever home

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