Highly Competitive Corgis Caught Playing A Very Heated Game Of Tetherball

Sure, tetherball might best be known as a simple schoolyard game enjoyed mostly by kids. But don’t tell these corgis that their favorite pastime’s merely child’s play.

These pups take tetherball VERY seriously!

Katrina Griswold and her family are corgi lovers, boasting a happy pack of seven perfect little pups. All outdoor family get-togethers, naturally, are basically corgi parties, and the dogs are more than capable of keeping themselves entertained with toys. Especially round ones.

"They LOVE to chase balls. Particularly basketballs or something of the same size," Griswold told The Dodo. "They’re little Air Buds."

Since balls tend to roll around and get lost, Griswold's mom thought it would be nice to have a ball connected by a rope to keep the fun going. So, she got them a tetherball set.

Seeing the dogs in action, it's clear that they've found their calling!

"We didn’t teach them at all! They just did it!" Griswold said. "My first thought when I saw them playing was just how talented they are."

It's hard to say for certain what the rules are when it comes to the corgi-centric tetherball games they play. But they always have a blast — and that's what matters most.

"They’re so fun to watch," Griswold said. "We could watch it all day, and they could play all day if we let them!"

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