Sick And Cold Cat Showed Up at Family's Door and Asked to Be Let Inside After Spending Years on the Streets

Last winter, a woman in Quebec, Canada, got a very unexpected surprise when, from the snow, emerged a battered stray cat who seemed to have decided he had enough of trying to survive on the streets. Because he then proceeded to walk up to her door, then proceeded to beg to be let in from the cold.

After opening the door and letting him in, the kind-hearted woman canvassed local rescues, finding they were all fully booked. So she contacted Jaelle, a volunteer with One Cat At a Time, a cat rescue that specializes in rescuing kittens. But, seeing as he had wandered up to the door and asked for help, they couldn't bring themselves to turn this brave boy away.

"She had gone around some organizations, but they were all at full capacity. We accepted and she put her in the bathroom this morning so we could bring her to our clinic,” said Marie Simard, founder of One Cat At a Time.

In such a bad state, the battered feline was rushed to a vet for treatment, where it was found he was covered d in fleas, had parasites in his ears, an eye infection, and badly rotted teeth. To top it all off he had also been infected with FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus).

One cat at a time tried to find a possible owner, turning up empty-handed, believing he may have been abandoned years earlier.

Despite his terrible condition, he seemed very happy to be receiving VIP treatment, purring non-stop while he was being treated.

Covered in so many knots, Aslan, as he was named, had his fur shaved off, and began receiving treatment for all his ailments, now including a severe upper respiratory infection.


Aslan's mouth is in appalling condition. He has missing, broken, or infected teeth. He will need surgery since he hurts a lot, .

"He is so kind and loving. He purrs with gratitude and he is really happy to be an indoor cat again," Marie shared.

Now with his very own bed and lots of feline company, Aslan began to thrive. He ate to heart's content and curled up next to his new feline friends.

"He loves people (and other cats) and asks for hugs all the time. It is clear that this beautiful cat has had a family before.”

While in his foster home Aslan met another cat Cleo, who decided she would show him the ropes of indoor life. Taking him under wing she was there when he returned from dental surgery, with lots of cuddles and hugs.

They became very close in the process.

Jaelle, who had ended up becoming foster Mom to the new arrival had had no plans on adopting another cat, found herself facing the reality of how close these two had become. Now inseparable Aslan had not only crept his way into Cleo's heart, but he had also found his way into Jaells family's heart too.

It had become clear this was where he was meant to be.

Now loved and cared for, Aslan's health, gradually improved.

Surrounded by feline friends he had all the support he needed.

This slightly battered middle-aged boy had wandered out of the snow into the life of his dreams.

Now loved and cared for he will never have to face another cold night trying to find somewhere warm to sleep.

Aslan, once the king of Narnia, is now also the king of his own home in Quebec.

Without a worry in the world, he is soaking up all the love and attention, giving back in turn with lots of purring and happy snuggling.

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