A farming couple thought they lost their ducklings but their loving cat had different plans

While visiting a farm in Ireland host, Liz Bonnin, of the popular series Real Wild, talks with farmers Ronan and Emma Lally. It turns out they have a cat called Della, who took it upon herself to rescue what she thought were homeless orphans.

What she didn't know at the time was that the orphans were not homeless, nor were they motherless. Nor did it seem to matter that the orphans in question had feathers instead of fur!

Dalla's owners had found their missing ducklings, thankfully not filling their cat's bellies as they had feared, but protecting them as her own.

Needless to say, the couple was amazed.

Dalla had given birth to three little furballs not too long ago, to put it mildly, had had her mothering instincts well and truly kick in. Finding apparently motherless kittens, she took them home to her nest making them part of her family.

The loving cat even tried to breastfeed the ducklings as she did her own babies.

Despite the blissful scene, Ronan was worried that Dalla's natural instincts might kick back in with dreadful consequences.

But Emma a midwife knew an unbreakable bond had been established and could never be broken, so they let the ducklings stay.

Being ducklings, they grew up quick smart, in the process becoming more independent than her kittens. But love for their adoptive mom still remained.

They were still one big happy family!


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