Cat Was Supposed To Catch A Mouse Living In The House, But Made An Incredible Ending

Much to the surprise of his own Benjamin Sagredo.

A few weeks ago Benjamin heard some strange noises coming from his kitchen? The noises were faint, so to start with, he wasn't that concerned.

"We didn't know what it was," said Benjamin. "We had seen Simon playing with something under an armchair once, but we didn't give it much thought."

What Benjamin didn't know was that Simon knew exactly who was making these strange noises, and decided to welcome him into their home with open paws.

It wasn't until later that Benjamin came upon a somewhat surprising scene that left him more than a little gobsmacked. There in the kitchen, right beside his much larger cat, was a mouse drinking from Simon's water bowl. What was more surprising was Simon was not in the least predatory, he was in fact friendly. The cat who was born to hunt creatures such as mice, had taken on the role of host.

"They looked closely acquainted. Simon was being affectionate," Benjamin said. "I decided to record it. I thought no one would believe me."

Sagredo was shocked. But seeing Simon's friendly approach toward the mouse, Sagredo couldn't help but take on the same view.

"I felt for the little mouse. I couldn't dream of hurting him," Benjamin said. "I named him Chefcito."

Simon's compassion was contagious. Initially, Sagredo collected Chefcito and moved him outside, just in case his desire was to escape. But evidently, Chefcito did indeed feel welcome.

"He's been back several times," Sagredo said. "We love that Simon accepts him. He's a very affectionate and sociable cat. If Chefcito keeps coming, we're going to have to adopt him.


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