Woman Rescues Kitten Sitting on Sidewalk When Others Just Pass Her By,the Kitty Can't Stop Purring

 A scrawny kitten was alone, sitting motionless on the sidewalk. Not a soul stopped to check on her, they all just walked right on by. Until one woman saw her and refused to just ignore her.

The founder of Animal Friends Project, Carmen Weinberg, happened to be in a mobile home part located at Lake Worth, Florida when she saw a little furball sitting motionless right on the sidewalk. It was obvious she was all on her own, motherless.

The kitten was sitting right near the entrance of an office with lots of foot traffic. But not one person stopped to check on her, they saw her and kept on walking.

"I see the kitten and I know she wants to be seen, she wants help," Carmen said.

It was obvious she was not well, scrawny and very thing this kitten needed immediate medical attention. When Carmen tried to approach her she ran and hid.

As soon as she smelled the delicious aroma she wandered straight into the trap and began to eat, she must have been starving! Even when she heard the door close she didn't even flinch, she just kept on chowing down.

Once Carmen took the kitten out of the trap to take a closer look at her she immediately relaxed. Starved of love and attention she soaked it all up.

"She wants love and she is getting plenty of that."

The little girl was completely infested with fleas and lice and intestinal worms she was given a flea bath and treated for the other unwanted parasites. Her gums were white, a sure sign she is anemic.

"She is not eating a lot but I am giving her kitten formula mixed with vitamins and she is liking that."


A few days after being rescued she began to shows signs of improvement.

She was eating more and even beginning to play with toys. Carmen gave her the name Estrella.

"She is feeling so much better. She is still not a big eater but she has gained weight so that is good."

Just 20 days after being rescued she was well and truly on the road to recovery, and it was off to the vet to be spayed.

However, her coat is still a bit patchy in places so she won't be available for adoption until she is a little bit more presentable.

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