Dog cries out and jumps into owner's arms doesn't let go on reuniting with her after long time

Dogs are arguably some of the most loving creatures on earth, so we love nothing better than a reunion moment between a human and their pooch.

Dogs are very sociable animals, and they miss us even after we've been at work for the day – so any longer apart, and it can be incredibly difficult for both owners and their dogs.

So when a dog was away from her owner for a very long time, the moment that they were reunited was an incredibly emotional one. As the woman releases her dog from her kennel and they can hug for the first time in a very long time, it's clear to see just how happy the dog is.

The sweet moment was captured on camera and shared onto YouTube for us all to see. Titled, "Dog Hugs and Doesn't let go of Owner on Reuniting With Her After Long Time," the video was shared by RM Videos and has racked up an impressive 6.2 million views since being posted.

Mya the dog had known her owner for three years, however, the pair hadn't been able to live together the whole time due to money issues.

But now, Mya's owner had finally managed to secure a permanent home, and she was coming to pick up her beloved pet for good.

The video begins with Mya's owner waiting outside a building full of kennels, and as she is let through the door, we can see Mya sitting patiently in her kennel. The poor dog is probably wondering if she is ever going to see her owner again, so as soon as she spots her, Mya begins to go crazy.

There's an agonizing wait as the kennel worker cuts open the plastic ties that secure Mya's cage in place.

The sweet little dog has already spotted her owner, and she's so overcome by emotions that she can't stop whining. Mya's owner waits on the other side of the kennel, and she seems to be getting a little emotional too.

At long last, Mya is released from her kennel and she jumps straight into her owner's arms. It's a special moment as the pair embrace each other, especially as this time, Mya is going home for good.

Mya's owner lifts her pooch up and gives her a big cuddle, and makes sure that her dog is getting lots of love and attention. Mya has waited a long time for this, and it's clear to see just how happy she is.

It's now the moment that everyone has been waiting for, as Mya and her owner head home together – for good this time.

People took to the comments to express their love for the video, with one person saying:"If you treat them well, there's nothing more pure, devoted and genuine as a dog's love. Truly man's best friend.”

Another added:"We, as the species that have literally obliterated countless other species, do not deserve dogs. But I'm so glad we have them.”

We're so glad we do too! Dogs are one of the best things about life – and if you're not sure you believe us, then watch the sweet video for yourself down below.

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