Monkey Found a Homeless Kitten Living on the Street and Decided to Adopt Him as His Own

A sweet monkey and a kitten have formed an amazing connection as the kitten was welcomed to the monkey group as a family member.

A professional photographer, Anne Young had the honor to document the rare friendship!

This sweet monkey became the kitten's mom!

How many of you love to travel? Most, if not all of us, love going places and there's a reason behind wanting to go places. You get to see new people, experience different cultures and traditions, bask in the glory of nature and just surround yourself with once-in-a-lifetime experiences. When you travel, you get to see things you've never seen before, you get a new perspective on life, and with that in mind, Young decided to travel to the town of Ubud in Bali, situated in Indonesia. Being a wildlife enthusiast and an amateur photographer, she expected to capture breathtaking pictures of the animals in the park, but nature had a surprise for her.

Young wasn't surprised to come across a troop of monkeys, but what she saw one carrying in its hands blew her mind. Upon closer look, Young saw that one of the female long-tailed macaque monkeys was cradling a stray kitten like it was her baby! The female monkey had, sort of, adopted the stray kitten as her child and to show authority over her baby, she groomed the kitten and kept him close to her heart, as if trying to protect him from others – much like how a mother protects her baby! The kitten, on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying all the love he was getting from his adoptive mother!

Seeing the love and affection the female monkey had for her new son, all the other monkeys accepted the kitten and made him part of their troop! From the looks of it, the stray kitten had finally found his forever loving home as he lovingly meowed in his mother's arms. Nobody knows how the kitten ended up coming across a troop of monkeys. Was he abandoned there? Was he just a stray kitten with no family to look up to? Either way, the kitten was looking for love and he found it in the most unusual way.

While we're not entirely sure if the monkey mama thinks that the kitten is her baby, or if they're just best friends who hang out together, we're sure that they've taught humans an important lesson in humanity.Nature came up with a beautiful way to teach humans what it is like to love unconditionally and what it is like to be accepted as is. About time we learned something from animals!

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