Newborn Kitten Saved by Man On Rainy Night Then Her Life Turned Around

A kind-hearted man found a little motherless kitten on a rainy night and brought him home. The tiny kitten fell asleep on his hand and stole his heart.

Ray Vargas, who had always been a dog person, heard meowing outside his bedroom window one night and went to investigate. What he found was an orphaned kitten whose eyes were still closed.

"I found him on a rainy night, abandoned on the roof of the shed in my backyard. Just followed his meowing," Vargas told.

The kitten was crying for his cat mom who was nowhere to be found. Vargas knew that he had to help.

"This little orphan did not appreciate being left out in the rain...," he said. "I picked up a kitten feeder kit complete with formula and bottle."

Vargas fed the kitten and kept him warm all night. The tiny fur baby pulled through and started eating more and more.

After the first trip to the vet, the kitty weighed in at less than an ounce!

Finally eyes opened! Getting his first good look at the world.

Vargas named him Bagheera, and the little fur buddy followed him around the house wherever he went.

He learned to climb onto his human's shoulder, clinging to him like glue.

Bagheera grew bigger and stronger, but his love for naps in his human's arms never changes.

A few months later, the kitty has grown into a handsome boy!

Vargas is an artist and his feline companion loves to offer a helping paw when he works. "Working from home is not so easy with this guy around."

He adores his human dad.

" I had no idea that bringing in an abandoned newborn out of the rain that night would lead this avowed dog person to own my very first pet, a cat no less.

" Best decision I ever made."

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