Dad approached for a kiss but the cat's gentle reaction melt the Internet

  If you have been rejected by your cat, you will know that it is polite enough to ignore you. If you really make the cat unhappy,he will move its PAWS and open his mouth, then you're really done.But this cat from Japan named "myu" (み ゅ う), for his refusal way is very gentle.

  Owner held the adorable cat in his arms, he cannot help but want to kiss his cat. But It depends on whether Myu wants it or not, When dad lower his head and kiss , Myu immediately stretched out his left hand to stop the dad, "No,dad. Not now, you step back!"

  "Really? Just a kiss..." The owner did not give up and approached again. Myu raised her left hand again to refuse, with her eyes wide open. Whenever Myu sees dad close to her, she will raise its left hand reflectively to stop it.

  Although he can't kiss the cat, he can't stop playing with the cat. He's trying to sneak up on him when she's not looking, however, Myu finds it in time and pats him in panic, "Myu is tired of playing until the end of the day. "I can't keep raising my hand,dad."

  After the video was shared on the Internet,  people laughed: "Raise your hand and say no.""Another said "his little leg is so charming", "I only noticed its pink meatball".

Do you like this adorable cat? How do you think of this cat's reaction? Please share your comments and thoughts in below.

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