Abandoned kitten won't stop crying until little boy finds way to calm her

But what happens next is enough to warm even the coldest of hearts. The ten-year-old boy cuddles the tiny kitten and comforts her with kisses – and in no time at all, her cries have subsided and she sits peacefully in his arms. We first came across the adorable video on Instagram, and we can guarantee that it will brighten your day up!

Kelli Gross is a cat lover from San Bernardino, CA who has the enviable job of fostering kittens until they’re ready to be re-homed. As soon as she heard about little Ariel the kitten, she instantly knew that she had to help. The three-week-old kitten was discovered living among a cat colony in California after being abandoned by her feral mother, and she urgently needed to be rescued.

Kelli was confident that she could look after Ariel, after already owning a rescue cat at home who was nursing six kittens at the time. So she and her brother, Zack, jumped into their car and raced off to pick Ariel up.

When they arrived, it was clear just how distressed she was. She was crying and wriggling around, evidently not too sure if she could trust these humans who had come to take her home. Kelli tried everything to calm her down – but in the end, it was Zack who came to the rescue. Kelli shared the adorable video onto her Instagram, kittyfoster, for us all to see, and watching it literally melts our hearts!

Zack held the scared kitten gently, kissed her little face, and whispered softly to her as Kelly drove her home. It was a beautiful moment, and within no time at all, little Ariel had calmed down and stopped crying. She relaxed into his arms and actually appeared to be quite calm for the rest of the journey.

As soon as they arrived home, Kelli introduced Ariel to her new foster mom, Twilight. As Ariel was still so young, Kelli hoped that she would latch on and begin nursing from her foster mom. But the confused kitten wasn't able to latch on as if she’d forgotten how to nurse.

Luckily, Zack was here to the rescue again. Every time Ariel moved away from Twilight, he gently put her back – until eventually, Ariel finally understood what to do. As soon as she latched on, the sweet kitten became very happy and had lots to drink!

Zack really is the cat whisperer of 2020, and we think he and Kelli make a great team! We’re so thankful for all the amazing work that they do.

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