Golden retriever's reaction to huskies' bizarre howls leaves viewers in stitches

The pair of huskies howling and screaming at nothing left a chilled out golden retriever looking a bit annoyed as shown in a hilarious video that went viral on Reddit

A golden retriever's patient reaction to its husky pals freaking out and unleashing a barrage of howls has left viewers in stitches on Reddit.

The funny footage was uploaded on Reddit on July 1 after originally being uploaded on Instagram by the dogs' owner @nico.jackson.zoey.

In the clip, Zoey the golden retriever looks unimpressed while her husky companions Nico and Jackson put on a big show of vocal abilities as they howl into the air.

At first, Zoey pants and ignores the hullaballoo but then she gives an irate glance towards the noisy canines before deserting them to sit with her owner.

On Reddit, where the post was up-voted more than 50,000 times, the clip was uploaded with the caption: "Golden retriever: Nope they are not with me. Never met them!"

The video was inundated with thousands of comments, as many people complimented the golden for her calm demeanor.

One person wrote: "I love how Goldens always look happy even when they're clearly annoyed."

A second noted one of the huskies making the weird guttural sound and commented: "I like how one is kinda howling sorta, the other is just straight up opening their mouth and letting it go."

Someone else joked Zoey was thinking: "My friends are drunk. Can you give me a ride home?"

Another user commented: "I've had Huskies and Golden Retrievers as pets in my life.

"Some of the best dogs in the world. However, if you get huskies, be prepared for them to have relentless amounts of energy!

"Definitely need land to run around on... obviously very vocal dogs as well."

This comes after a cheeky golden retriever stole a reporter's microphone and ran away with it while she was trying to deliver a liver news report.

She eventually got it back but noted it had a few bite marks.

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