Stray Kitten Walks Up To A Skateboarder Asking For Food And Love

Meet Margot!

"I found her while I was out skateboarding one day, she wasn't timid at all and just walked right up," Casey Shaw told Love Meow.

She was covered in filth and kept coughing and sneezing. She obviously was hungry, and meowed at Casey for help.

He grabbed a crate from his car, placed the kitten in it and took her straight to the vet.

"Turns out she had an upper respiratory infection, mites and an eye infection. Got her everything she needed and was a healthy little kitty in a few days."

"I couldn't imagine not finding her at this point, it stormed the next day and it breaks my heart to know that she may not have made it if I wasn't in that one place at the right time and that there are other cats and animals that aren't as fortunate as her."

Margot fell asleep right away in her new dad's lap. She knew she found a home.

The vet estimated the kitten at 5 weeks when Casey found her.

"It makes sense, she was separated from her mother too early and to this day still finds comfort nursing on blankets and fingers."

A few days later she started to come out of her shell.

She's riding the skateboard just like dad!

"One of her favorite things as well is to be carried around on her back like an infant, she just loves constant attention and affection."

She always wants to be with her new family.

"She's now a very happy and playful cat in a loving home and I'm glad to be able to give her the life she deserves."

A year later, Margot has grown into a majestic floof!

"I like to think that she knows I saved her, she wants to constantly be near and fully trusts my girlfriend and I."

One year later, and still Dad's skateboarding bro.

Forever and always. 

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