Woman Rescues Two Baby Lynxes From Fur Farm, Now They Purr And Play Like Little Kittens

Anastasia Poznyak from Russia calls herself "a cat person", but life circumstances made her have eight dogs at home: six huskies, a Samoyed and a northern Inuit.

Obviously, it was very difficult for her to adopt a cat having so many dogs in the house. But she wanted a cat so badly that she started looking for possible animals that would get along with the dogs.

In time, Anastasia learned that in her country there were still fur farms, some of which raised lynx.

Taking advantage of the fact that the law allowed her to adopt lynxes and care for them at home, Anastasia did not hesitate and adopted a little baby lynx, which she named Geralt -inspired by the series The Witcher.

Fortunately, Anastasia's dogs welcomed Geralt and helped her to raise him by playing with the cat, letting him chew on their ears, sleep on their bellies and, of course, steal their food.

In fact, Banshee, Anastasia's oldest dog, was a special mentor to Geralt, helping him to get to know his new home and the world.

Geralt grew up like all felines, with a highly developed sense of mischief, but his adaptation to Anastasia's dogs and other animals was optimal; according to the girl, Geralt is now "the body and soul" of the pack.

In addition, he became very close to Texas, one of the woman's horses.

When Geralt turned one year old, Anastasia decided to adopt another baby lynx, a female this time. The cat earned the name Bulochka – "bun" in Russian-, because she is so sweet and cute.

Since wild lynx are usually solitary, Anastasia thought that Geralt and Bulochka would make separate lives. However, Geralt accepted the little girl as her blood sister and now they are inseparable.

"After raising two lynxes, I can safely say that the most challenging thing in this type of rescue is health; since on farms the animals are raised for their fur, their health has never been a priority. Geralt broke a bone and a finger, and he is one of the luckiest and healthiest.”

The girl says that taming and training a lynx is not that complicated because, like cats, they use a simple litter box for their needs. In addition, they are trained to go for a walk with a leash on.

Anastasia says she enjoys life with her lynxes, huskies and horses and loves to help those who decide to rescue big cats with domestication.

In fact, she intends to expand her family next year with yet another lynx, setting a great example of empathy and selflessness by adopting these animals and saving them from the fierce fur market that plagues our planet.

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