Adorable Cat With White Eyebrows Is Conquering People's Hearts On The Internet

This charming 4 year old cat is called Cornelius Cornbread, and he lives in Nashville, Tennessee. He is a sensation on social networks and is winning people’s hearts because of his peculiar eyebrows. His mother, Karen Mellette, says that her cat has this characteristic since he was a kitten due to the lack of hair in the area between the eyes and ears.

The feline has its own Instagram page and has many followers who enjoy watching its adventures and of course its fabulous eyebrows. Besides his striking appearance this cat has a very sweet personality.

His mother says that he demands attention when he feels out of the picture and likes to be pampered. He recognizes the emotions of his family and tries to be always on the lookout.

Cornelius has filled his mother and family with joy. He came into their lives when they were suffering the loss of another pet and was a great support.

Karen's husband, trying to cheer her up, found a litter of kittens, and one looked like Inky; so he thought he was the one. When they went to look for him, the little one hid under the furniture and didn't come out; just then Cornelius appeared on the scene.

"Cornelius approached me, proceeded to show off, and let me hold him, that sealed the deal and he has been my little friend ever since." – said Karen.

Karen remembers that he was a very energetic and curious little boy when she saw him, he wanted to attract their attention and he ran and played; he wanted to impress them, he ran and jumped all over the place and made sure they were watching his every move.

Karen says that having the cat with her has been a great help.

She added, "Cornbread is very important to me because it was a comfort during a difficult time in my life. His hilarious antics and love helped me heal from the loss of our cat Inky.”

The presence of the white-browed cat and her other pets also helped her overcome health problems, tendon injuries and the resulting spread of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) in her feet and legs.

Cornelius has created a close bond with his mother and is always by her side.

Karen's husband, Tommy, participates in rescue groups and takes care of several feral cats near his job. They have managed to find homes for some and now they too have received 3 in their home.

Cornelius has brothers and sisters to have fun with and is very happy.

The cat loves his family, he likes to meow and jump on his parents' shoulders. Some time ago he had an accident due to his mischief and almost lost his left eye. Fortunately he received timely medical attention and after two surgeries only a small scar was left.

Cornelius is really a sweet and happy cat, he has a family that loves him, and brothers with whom he has fun all the time. The cat with the white eyebrows certainly has a great life.

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