Mom Cat Brought Her Sick Kitten To The Hospital, Doctors Rushed To Help Them

These photos taken in a hospital emergency room in Istanbul went viral. They were shared by Merve Özcan on Twitter and show a mother cat bringing her sick kitten to a human hospital. Paramedics are seen surrounding the poor cat and petting her.

Fortunately, the Turkish people are known for their love and respect for stray animals, and they provided the cats with the necessary assistance. Now the kitten is fine and no scan was required.

Recently in Istanbul, a stray cat mother took her kitten to the emergency room

 In the photos shared on Twitter, you can see a kitten being taken by its mother to the emergency room… by humans. "Today we were in the hospital emergency room when a cat brought her kitten in her mouth,"wrote Merve Özcan, who originally shared the photos.

Photos shared on social networks show paramedics surrounding cats

The Turkish media reported that doctors intervened immediately and checked the kitten, which had obvious health problems. The mother followed her baby everywhere and did not let him out of her sight.

While the kitten was being cared for, the mother was given milk and food.

Turkish people are known to love and care for stray animals, and it is normal to leave food and water for them on the streets.

After the intervention of human doctors, both cats were taken to a veterinarian

The event appeared in all Turkish media and social networks

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