Kitten Grows Back Beautiful Fur in Different Color 8 Weeks After Being Rescued from Burns

A kitten grew back her beautiful fur in white eight weeks after she was rescued from burns.

A 6-week-old kitten was brought into the Manatee County Animal Services in Florida, desperately needing medical attention. She came in with severe burns on a large portion of her body and toes.

Samantha Fox, the founder of Fox Foster Kittens, was contacted by the shelter and asked if she could help. "They weren't sure what happened (to her) or how it happened but I knew I had to take her," Samantha told Love Meow.

"Immediately, I jumped in the car to meet the rescue coordinator from animal services who met me half way."

She came to the rescue with severe burns all over her body and toes

The kitten named Bernadette was in good spirits despite the injuries. She was so grateful to be catered to, and all she wanted was to be petted and loved on.

"She had burns all over her body. All her toenails were missing. I was just looking her over in shock wondering how she got in this condition," Samantha told Love Meow.

"Then I felt the familiar feeling of a purr. That's when I knew she had the will to live."

All she wanted was pets and attention from her caregiver

After getting all cleaned up, Bernadette started her recovery in the comfort of a safe home. "It was a slow process with pain meds, antibiotic, anti-inflammatories, burn cream, and lots of love."

The kitten was so excited every time Samantha came in the room. She would roll on her side for belly rubs and rumble with her adorable loud purrs, while she stretched her paws blissfully in the air.

She would roll on her side for belly rubs and purr up a storm

After a few weeks of healing, she went to see Dr. Stephanie Sabshin at Harmony Vet Care, where they determined that the kitten needed surgery (to loosen the scar tissue) to improve her range of motion.

It was a success, and over the next few weeks, Bernadette continued to make great strides. Her fur grew back, interestingly, in a different color.

After 8 weeks, Bernadette made an incredible recovery

"Her fur came in white, surprisingly. All her nails grew back, and she still had that same purr as the day I picked her up," Samantha shared with Love Meow.

The kitten's back, where the burns were, is now covered in peppery white. Some of her paws are also sprinkled with dots of white. It's likely that the injuries have caused pigment alteration and resulted in the fur color change.

The fur grew back in white in the areas where the burns used to be.

"We don't know if it'll stay white or if the pigment will come back but she looks beautiful either way. I'm so proud of her."

After nearly two months in foster care, Bernadette was ready for her next chapter in life. It didn't take long for the perfect family to come her way.

Bernadette is a love-bug and enjoys all the cuddles she can get

"She was adopted by a wonderful family who drove over an hour and a half to get her. She was also adopted with another kitten she made friends with while here, Cinnabon (the tabby)," Samantha told Love Meow.

Beautiful Bernadette

"Bernadette and Cinnabon are going to live with Fox Foster Kittens alumni Poppy (the cat). This family have been waiting for Bernadette since nearly day one.

"Eight weeks — that's all it took to change this girl's life around."

She was adopted with her feline friend Cinnabon

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