This Unique Two Faced Cat is the Internet's Most Adorable Mystery

The name Quimera probably comes from a genetic condition known as chimera. This genetic disorder combines two different DNAs into the DNA of a single individual, or in this case, a feline. In very simple terms, the chimera is the opposite of identical twins. Identical twins are formed when a single egg separates into two identical embryos. Chimera is the opposite, two different eggs merge into a single embryo. The two-faced cutie is from Argentina, and her unusual characteristics have made her famous across the internet, and who blames her? She's precious!

Quimera has different colored eyes. Her blue eye makes a great contrast to her other yellowish eye. She is absolutely astonishing. Her fur is split colored in the head and alternates colors down her front legs, which makes the combination of colors in this cat pretty much breathtaking. Her human is a lucky one and he knows it, as he uploads pictures of his beloved cat as often as he can!

As the cute cat's name suggests, the reason for her unique appearance is likely because of genetic chimerism. This phenomenon occurs when one organism is composed of cells with more than one distinct genotype. It can occur in animal species as well as plants and even some humans! A chimera is derived from two or more zygotes and it can result in a mixed appearance (e.g. kitties like Venus and Quimera, or roses that are split into 2 colors).

These rare cat colors may as well be derived from extreme luck and simply be a very unique case of mosaicism. In this case, there is only one individual egg that just happens to have different active genetic expressions in its cells. This condition is much more common in cats than chimerism, however, it usually doesn't result in such a distinctly split two-face appearance and is very random. In the end, only a DNA test can confirm the former or the latter.

Her unsual colouring is due to Venus being a "chimera" cat, which is where the colorations of Venus' parents would have developed seperately before merging together on her body to give Venus her signature two-sided face colouration and tortoiseshell-style body coloruing.

For fans of Venus, she is seen as an inspiration, with one of her recent Facebook posts reading: "A little Wednesday wisdom....No matter how different you are, love yourself and all of your perfect imperfections!A little Wednesday wisdom....No matter how different you are, love yourself and all of your perfect imperfections! We...

"We all have them. Be true to yourself and don't change for anyone! We're not all supposed to be the same. Our differences are what makes us unique which makes everyone one of a kind. Hold your head high, be the best at being yourself, give it all you got and you won't go wrong!"

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