Farmer Brings Home 'Kitten' That Turns Out To Be Baby Cougar

While traveling on his motorcycle, Elber Guzman saw an animal on the road and the first thing he thought about was picking it up to help him. "He looked just like a cat, and I said to myself: poor little animal, he must be lost".

When someone offers to help a defenseless animal that seems to be alone, there are no more words than to thank him for his great gesture since many people would not do the same and would ignore it. However, there are always surprises in these selfless acts.

This farmer from Colombia was very surprised when he discovered that the animal he kept in his house for days was not really a cat as he always thought, but a wild cougar.

"I picked him up on the road, he looked just like a cat, and I said to myself: poor little animal, he must be lost in this lonely place, I better take him home," said Elber, who said that there are many abandoned animals in the area.

He took it home and his family gave him a warm welcome, where every morning and evening he was served milk like a baby. However, the “kitten” was already beginning to show certain behaviors that were not normal.

"I looked at him carefully and was suspicious of him because he had a long tail and round ears. In addition, his behavior was not exactly the same as domesticated cats,"said the farmer.

To get out of the doubt, Elber searched his cell phone for information about cats and just found the news of the rescue of a puma and jaguar at the airport in his town.

He immediately started to compare the photos, getting the surprise: his "cat" looked just like the lost puma.

He decided to seek help from the Tolima Regional Autonomous Corporation (Cortolima), who sent a specialist to verify that his cat was actually a baby cougar.

After the announcement, Rodrigo Herrera, Cortolima's deputy director of environmental quality, said that it was a two-month-old cub, with no injuries, but with malnutrition because it was fed milk for several days.

"In their youth, pumas often venture to distant places, so possibly the mother must be in a nearby place," said Rodrigo Herrera.

The animal was sent to the Center of Attention and Valuation of Wild Fauna of Ibagué, so that it recovers its strength and can return to its habitat.

The farmer Guzmán pointed out that, fortunately, his action served to help the animal and stated that "I always thought it was a cat, I never thought it was a wild animal”

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