Adorable Golden Retriever Apologizes to His Brother for Stealing a Treat by Giving Him a HUGE Hug, Video is Making 'Gramers Go 'Aww'

This adorable video shows a Golden Retriever saying sorry to his brother for stealing a treat and it's exactly what you want to see on a Sunday morning:

The moment was captured on video by Watson and Kiko's owner and was posted to Instagram with the caption: "A dog's way of saying sorry."

Watson was in a bit of bother for eating his big brother's chewy (dog treat). The footage starts rather impressively from the get go with the five-year-old pooch sat patiently as he's asked: "Do you understand when I'm talking to you?"

After getting cooperation from Watson, the owner goes on to say: "You do? OK. So, I gave you a chewy, I gave Kiko a chewy. You ate Kiko's chewy so what do we say when we steal someone elses chewy? Do you know?"

Watson adorably struts over to his nine-year-old big bro and wraps his two front paws around Kiko's neck to give him an apologetic cuddle.

The owner went on: "Yes, we say we're sorry. You're a good boy Watson. You're a good boy Watson. You're a good boy Kiko." Yes, yes they are.

Replying to the video, one heart-warmed fan wrote: "I cannot get enough of these two puppers. I don't know how you manage to get anything done. Enjoy every second. I love them from afar. I can't imagine having them in my life every day."

Someone else wrote: "I just can't. They are most adorable dogs ever," while a third commented: "This is possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen."

People wanted to know the answer to a crucial question though - did Kiko get his chewy? Don't worry though, the dogs' owner responded to the worries saying: "Of course he did. Good boi Kiko had a chewy." PHEW.

It's quite clear to see these are the best brothers we've ever seen.

Here is the adorable video:

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