Amazing moment shows expensive African wildcat greeting its owner by saying 'Mamma'

This amazing video seems to shows a majestic African wildcat calling its owner 'Mamma'.

The video shows Zeus the serval standing on a table and cuddling up to his owner, model Morgan Lynn, nuzzling into her neck.

Zeus starts to talk and seems to be calling her 'Mamma in the video, which has already been viewed nearly 75,000 on the pair's Youtube channel, which has 40,000 subscribers.

The channel follows the incredible relationship between Zeus and his owner Morgan, a former contestant on reality show Great Escape on channel TNT.

She owns two Servals, the other named Hera, and can often be seen cuddling them tricks, such as how to sit, stand up to grab things and even how to speak.

But keeping them is an expensive hobby, with the price of the cats alone rising to in excess of £20,000 (£13,000). 

And on the page, she urges others to think twice before getting one of the incredibly beautiful servals, which are 'wild animals' so difficult to care for and maintain.

Zeus and Hera are domesticated servals, different to those in the wild because they have been bred in captivity since the 1960s, sometimes earlier. 

But they still maintain some of their wild nature, and are extremely territorial, meaning they roam up to 4 square miles, and both males and females spray to mark their territory, even after being neutered.

She says that they need zoo-like facilities inside and out, such as a pool to swim and dive in and an area with lots of places to climb, and a special diet.

They also need a tight enclosure that offers no opportunity to escape because, unlike domestic cats, once they're gone, they are unlikely to return. 

Morgan adds: 'Even if hand-raised and tamed, a Serval will never be a "lap cat".' 

Watch this heartwarming video here:

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