"Blind"Rescue Cat Makes Incredible Recovery, And His Beautiful Eyes Surprise Everyone When He Finally Opens Them

Carmen Morales, the founder of Animal Friends Project, found a stray cat on the streets of Florida. The cat, that Carmen later named Cotton, appeared to be sick and in pain. It turned out that the cat suffered from mange, and it was so bad it had spread all over his body, affecting also his eyes.

The cat "couldn't even see or open his eyes because the mites were so bad", Morales told The Dodo. Cotton was in serious troubles when Morales found him, he couldn't see, and that made impossible for him to find food or shelter.
After bringing him home, Morales created an isolated ward for Cotton inside her bathroom. She made sure to feed him healthy meals every day. She also gave him antibiotics as part of the treatment. Cotton started to get better after a few days of eating regular meals and taking medicine.

Morales regularly applied coconut oil and ointment to Cotton's irritated skin. After several weeks of continuous treatment and care, Cotton opened his eyes for the first time after months, and to Morales' surprise, the cat wasn't blind. Cotton's eyes are beautiful, one eye is blue while the other one is hazel. Todyay, three months after getting regular treatment and special care, Cotton looks so much better and he's fully healed.

Carmen Morales, the founder of Animal Friends Project, was the one who rescued the cat and named him Cotton.

When he got rescued, Cotton was suffering from mange and it had spread to his eyes and all over his body.

Cotton couldn't open his eyes because the mites were really bad.

According to Morales, "It must have been so scary for him out there not being able to see. He was all alone and so skinny because he couldn't find food.”

Morales set up an isolated ward for Cotton in her bathroom.

Cotton was fed healthy meals every day.

Morales also gave him antibiotics to treat his medical condition.

Morales saw some improvement in Cotton's condition after several days.

Ointment and coconut oil were applied to Cotton's irritated skin.

Cotton was able to open his eyes after several weeks of treatment. And to Morales' surprise, the cat can now see again.

Cotton's eyes are unusual but beautiful- one eye is blue while the other one is hazel, and here he is, fully recovered and relaxing like every loved cat would do.

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