Scared mama dog and her 9 puppies are abandoned in church parking lot and left there to die

Paw Angel Animal Rescue group from Abilene, Texas, were unpleasantly surprised after someone sent them a photo of a dog abandoned at the North Side Baptist Church parking lot. To make things worse, the mama dog wasn't alone. Her 9 puppies were left to die too. Luckily, the rescuers were on the case.

Unfortunately, news of animal cruelty has become common in the everyday life. According to statistics, there are 900 to 2,000 new cases yearly of animal hoarding in the United States.

On April 26, 2020, ten dogs were left in a parking lot. Nine of them were two-week-old puppies.

Where they came from remains a mystery, but leaving mom and her puppies was surely an unspeakable crime. Someone nearby took a photo of the poor furry family left alone to die. The photo was posted online in hopes that someone would help them.

The photo shows a lot of fear and sadness in her eyes. Luckily, an animal rescue group saw the photo and decided to go and pick them up right away.

Misty Boerger and Angel Urban from Paw Angel Animal Rescue got there in time to save the 5-year-old boxer mix and her nine babies

"I just don't know how someone could do that, leaving momma and two-week-old babies,” said Boerger. After a medical examination, Misty determined that the momma dog was in a lot of pain.

She had multiple wounds on her body that were opened and draining. She needed vet care.

Rescuers named the mother Dory, and Boerger decided to foster all of the dog permanently.

Sadly, one of Dory's babies was diagnosed with a throat tumor and had to be euthanized

It was a puppy girl named Peach. She was a precious baby, but putting her down was for the best.

Paw Angel Animal Rescue is posting regular Facebook updates on Dory and her eight surviving puppies.

One of the smaller babies had to be tubed and given Pedialyte because she was very dehydrated and weak.

Seeing them all cuddled together is adorable.

Because of numerous expenses, the animal rescue group is asking for donations

The money has been used for care, vets, food, kenneling, and vaccinations. Paw Angel Animal Rescue estimated that they have spent $2,500 so far.

Of course, people rushed to help as much as they could.

Without any doubt, this brave family has been through a lot, but they survived because of good people who were willing to help. Mama Dory has been now been adopted, but you can follow her story here.

The puppies were named Nemo, Marli, Destiny, Pearl, Crush, Coral, Squirt, Bubbles – and they're waiting for a loving home, too.

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