Soaked Stray Kitten Asks For Help During a Thunderstorm And Her Life Turned Around

One family was about to find this out as they snuggled up indoors waiting out a thunderstorm. As the rain hosed down and the thunder roared, they thought they could hear something crying outside their door?

What greeted them when they opened the door was enough to break their hearts.

Completely drenched an abandoned kitten had come to their door for help.

Rushing to help her, they accidentally scared her away, so they put out some food, hoping she would come back.

They looked for a Mom and any other siblings that might be hiding nearby.

However, it was soon clear this kitten was on her own, in the meanwhile, a very drenched kitten soon came back for some food.

So after her meal, they gave her a warm bath to help clear her of fleas, followed by a nice warm blanket and lots of cuddles.

They gave her the name Stormaggedon or Stormie for short, along with her name, that night she also got a forever home.

She has now grown big and strong and is still as cuddly as ever. Since that night she has never been outside in a storm again!

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