Dog with paralyzed hind legs dumped on street with broken wheelchair and bag of diapers

It's a sad fact that dogs and other animals with disabilities are passed over at the shelter because people simply don't want to take care of a pet with a medical issue or physical impairment. A perfect, healthy and happy puppy is what most families are looking for.

One dog, named Lunita, had a family that she thought loved her – until one day everything changed.

Poor Lunita was recently found tied outside of a grooming shop in Salta, Argentina. The sweet pup is paralyzed, and her cruel owners dumped her, along with her broken wheelchair, and a bag of diapers on the street for someone else to "deal with."

Fortunately, a passerby finally stopped and wanted to help the defenseless dog. They immediately alerted a local rescue organization called LUBA Salta about the terrible condition of helpless Lunita.

Lunita was lying face down strapped in a partially broken wheelchair near a bag of diapers that she requires.

In obvious need of urgent medical attention, LUBA rushed Lunita to the nearest veterinarian's clinic where she could receive the care she desperately needed. Thankfully, they had found her when they did.

After receiving treatment for her immediate medical conditions, they fitted her with a working wheelchair, and she quickly bounced back to life. Rescuers never determined who her previous owner was, but they were determined to find Lunita a family that would love her forever and care for her and her special paralysis condition.

The rescue organization found Lunita what they thought was a forever home, but soon – they learned the family was not giving the special dog the proper care she needed.

Once again, Lunita was back at the shelter. The rescue group decided to ask for the help of the public and put Lunita's story online. Of course, her hard life up to this point caught the attention and melted the hearts of thousands of people.

One family, in particular, was especially touched by Lunita's incredible strength and positivity even after dealing with such hardship. They knew that they could be the perfect family to finally give Lunita the love she deserved.

Making her way to the U.S., Lunita couldn't have been more grateful to finally feel like she could relax.

Once arriving at her new home, the once crippled dog was thriving. Lunita immediately felt comfortable in her new home, running and rolling around in her wheelchair. She also loved playing outside with her new dog sibling and giving her new owners lots of love and snuggles.

In fact, Eddie's Wheels gave Lunita an awesome custom wheelchair so she could run and play like a regular dog. She loved going to the park, playing in the snow, and attending social functions.

On June 15, Lunita celebrated her 11th birthday – surrounded by people that made the last half of her life so incredible. She even got her own cake!

Sadly, just one month after her birthday, Lunita ended up falling ill. She was admitted to the ICU at University Medical Hospital where she soon passed away.

"I will never forget her and how much she meant to me," Lunita's mom wrote on Facebook. "She changed my life forever. I loved her so much."

Lunita touched so many lives during her time on this earth and we love that she spent the last years of her life surrounded by love.

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