Heartbroken Cat Visits His Owner's Graveside Day After Day For Over A Year

Apparently, his owners adopted him as a stray many years ago when they lived in Central Java, Indonesia. They both passed away recently due to old age and their faithful and obviously very loving cat remains by their side even after death. Day after fay visiting his owner's graveside like clockwork.

The recently deceased owners have a son, and the cat sometimes goes home to him to be fed but always goes back to the graveyard, sometimes even sitting on top of the grave.

I just hope in time he can let go just a little and allow someone else to give him the love he deserves. No one can replace the people he is missing, but the right person or people can give him just as much love.

Perhaps he will spend a little more time with the owner's son who is obviously making sure he is fed. Or allow the man who tried to adopt him to take care of him.

Even though walkers feed him and have tried to give him a home he stills go back to the grave and rolls in the earth and sleeps by the grave every day no matter what.

Animal experts say that cats can grieve after an owner's death or if they become abandoned.

They can become anxious, lose interest in the outer world, and become unlike themselves. This heartbroken cat is an example of all the beauty in animals.

This is a very touching and sad story of how a cat couldn't move away from his bond with his owner. Let's hope someday this handsome boy could find another love from a human.

It also clearly shows the bond this cat has with his family and how deep feelings truly run in the animal kingdom.

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