First-Time Golden Retriever Mother Was Captured Trying To Console Her Newborn Puppies With Her Favorite Toys

It is never easy to be a mother, especially when you have the first child. You haven’t get your own experience, so you may find it hard to care for your baby. This does what happen with this first-time Golden Retriever mother. The furry mom was caught trying to console her whining pups with all her favorite toys. She might be anxious and a bit clumsy, but her actions warm the hearts of millions. Keep scrolling!

Yami is the name of the Golden Retriever in the video. She is currently living in her home in Zhengzhou, China.

Yami has recently become a first-time mom. When her newborn pups started whining, Yami tried her best to console them. By how? She walked around the living room only to bring her babies her favorite stuffed toys. She hoped that these would calm her puppies down.

The love for your baby and the maternal instinct can win all. The furry mother may be lack of kid-raising experiences, but she did her best for her pups. As you can see, Yami ran out of the room one more time to bring more toys when her puppies continued whining. And this successfully melted the heart of Internet users.

Yami's owner told the media: "Sometimes she would remain standing [while feeding] to avoid crushing them. I've also spotted her fetching warm clothes for [the puppies],”.
All these adorable moments of Yami becoming a mother for the first time were captured. When Yami's owner discovered the footage later that day, she was touched. She shares this video on the Internet and it went viral.

A good dog could be a good mother, even at the first time becoming a mother. Yami the Golden Retriever in this story is an excellent example. Do you agree? Feel free to let us know your thinking in the comment below.

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