Dog Found Living In The Dirt After His Owners Moved Away And Left Him Behind

Dogs are man's best friend who know how to express their gratitude for everything their owners do for them but sometimes, mankind doesn't exactly return the friendship.

An 8-year-old dog Larry who was found living on the streets after his family moved away and left him behind. With nowhere to go, the dog took up residence in the parking lot of a landscaping business across the street from his former home. He survived on the generosity of passing drivers who would throw him some leftovers to eat.

One delivery driver made an Instagram profile dedicated to the pooch. That seemingly small act helped bring Larry's story to Sasha Abelson, president of Love Leo Rescue. She, along with volunteer rescuers was able to take him to Los Angeles for medical attention.

They noticed the old dog's stomach was bloated, despite having no regular access to food or water for months, and he was missing patches of hair on his legs and was having difficulty walking. Moreover, Larry was suffering from Cushing's disease, a condition caused by a benign tumor on the pituitary gland.

Though the dog looked sad, he still wagged his tail for his rescuers and his rescuers wouldn't give up saving this sweet dog. For a month and a half, Larry's health began to be better and began looking for his forever home but he still had a few things going against him.

Three times Larry has gone to a forever home, and three times he has been returned to the rescue thanks to a string of bad luck. Larry's health issues are managed by a monthly medication, which will cost his owners around $180 a month. Unfortunately, this might be a reason for many people to choose not to adopt lovely Larry.

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