Cats Eyes Won't Stop Growing. Vet Finds The Heartbreaking Reason

Matilda's humans adopted her in 2013 from a local rescue group, at the time she was as healthy as a kitten could be. Then one day something strange happened to their new kitten's eyes, one of them went completely black. It was as if someone had switched off the lights in just one eye.

Understandably worried her family took Matilda to the vets to find out what was going on.

They wanted to know what could cause an otherwise normal cats eyes to just suddenly change like that?

They also wanted to know if it would affect her overall health, would Matilda need surgery? Worst of all, would she lose her sight?

What they learned was astonishing.

Somehow for some unknown reason, it has separated for the rest of the eye? There is no known reason for it as she is a very healthy cat. This mysterious condition has caused her eyes to grow much larger than normal, what's more, they have not stopped growing!

The good news is that Matilda is not in any pain or discomfort, she leads a perfectly normal feline life.

Though the family has made call after call trying their best to unravel the mystery that has caused their sweet cats "extraterrestrial" appearance.

She is always up to date on her medical check-ups and we are constantly watching her for any changes in behavior that might suggest that she is uncomfortable," they wrote on the Matilda website.

For now, Matilda's family can only watch her and wait, waiting for some response that may arise about her condition and what can be done to ensure that she remains healthy.

Even so, they are accepting the fact that if her eyes do not stabilize before the expected date, Matilda will probably have to undergo surgery to eliminate the problem.

Although their condition is very strange, their adoptive parents are proud of their cat and people love to see the photos of Matilda because of how beautiful and lively it looks. This kitten's eyes when she was young, now she has big beautiful cats eyes.

We hope that this beautiful cat with the biggest eyes in the world does not deteriorate in her health, we wish her to live many years surrounded by her family that loves her so much.

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