Woman Fulfills Her Promise To Her Dying Dog By Letting Him Play In The Snow One Last Time

"Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault, really." — Agnes Sligh Turnbull

The heartbreaking thing about having dogs is that their lives are too short. And since we know our dogs' lives are short, we should cherish every moment. When the time comes and we're about to have to say goodbye, we try our best to make their last days the best days ever.

That is why many dog owners come up with the idea to give their dogs a bucket list… to make the last days the happiest and the most memorable.

The woman knows just how much her dog loved playing in the snow. They were living in Wisconsin at the time, but now they're living in Texas. Before they left Texas, she promised him that he would get to play in the snow again.

But just recently, Spunky was diagnosed with cancer. So before they say their farewells, Ashley wanted to fulfill her promise to Spunky.

Ashley's co-workers at the Austin Animal Center pitched in so they could rent a snow machine for Spunky. And with that they were able to make it snow in Texas.

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