A woman saves an injured kitten on the street and gives her a forever home

A kitten was wandering around a yard injured, ill and with some infections. Then, fortunately, she was found by Nur Hamizah Had, a woman who lives in Malaysia and who loves animals. The woman rescued the kitten which she later named Meimei. It's been five months since this episode, and now the kitten is fine and has changed her life.

Mrs Nur had found the kitten standing under her carriage in her garden. The animal had infections, fungi, wounds and was very dirty. The paws were also having problems and needed immediate help. Meimei immediately looked at her as if to ask her for help, "she seemed sad, abandoned and alone, but she didn't seem frightened, but happy to have been found," says the woman.

It wasn't hard to get her, because she was the one who came forward and got into a box. The kitten was immediately taken to the vet where they discovered that she weighed only 2 kilos. Nur knew he had to fight to save her "and I told myself that if Meimei survived it would be a sign of fate – she says – and I would take care of her forever". And so it was.

Over time, her snow-white fur has grown back and now she weighs 6 kilos and is beautiful. The kitten is still scared of people she doesn't know, but with her new owner's family members she is very sweet and adorable. He loves sleeping, eating and being pampered. Nur says she is always ready to save animals in distress. But meeting this kitten was special and now they are happily living together.

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