Dog refuses to leave owner's grave – days later, rescuers discover litter of puppies with her

Losing a loved one is always absolutely tragic and heartbreaking, even for four-footers.

Suddenly losing your best friend as a pooch is absolutely devastating, and we often see tear-jerking stories about canines trying to look for their deceased owners and not understanding why they're not here with us anymore.

This dog grieving her owner is a perfect example of this.

This German Shepherd from Serbia regularly visited her owner's final resting place, but for more reasons than one.

The dog has been with her owner ever since she was a puppy, and the bond they had together was stronger than anything else. However, the pooch's owner got ill one day, and his condition seemed to worsen.

After a while, he didn't even have the strength to take her on dog walks all the time anymore, but the dog seemed to understand the severity of the situation.

The owner's condition was just too serious, and he sadly passed away.

His loyal dog witnessed the funeral, but she never wanted to leave her owner's grave. Even when his children wanted to divert the dog's attention, the German Shepherd didn't want to move an inch.

Tragically, the owner's children weren't really too concerned about the pup's well-being, so they let her stay at the grave.

They figured that they would check up on her once in a while to make sure she was okay, and after the first night, the owner's son already noticed something weird going on.

It seemed as if the Shepherd dug something on top of the grave, and she still didn't want to leave the place. The son later posted the picture on Facebook.

He certainly didn't expect it to go viral, as millions of people saw it and were amazed by the dog's loyalty.

However, there was one person who became very suspicious about the picture. She thought that there was more going on than a dog who simply didn't want to leave this place, and wanted to confirm her suspicions.

The woman, Vesna Mihajloski, visited the grave in question as it wasn't far from where she lived.

She made a shocking revelation: the dog had given birth and made the den for her litter of puppies.

Right away, Vesna tried to get in touch with the owner's son to let him know about this recent development. However, the son didn't want anything to do with the German Shepherd or her offspring.

Luckily, Vesna then simply decided to look after all of them herself.

Unfortunately, mommy dog was feeling weak, and the puppies also didn't seem to be doing very well.

Vesna took them in and nursed them all back to good health.

Amazingly, the woman even managed to find a loving forever home for all of the puppies in a relatively short period, and all of the tiny four-footers are doing well now.

As for mommy dog, she now resides with Vesna herself, as she had never seen a more loyal and loving animal in her life. It's a shame the children of the first owner never seemed to realize that, but it's most definitely their loss.

While the German Shepherd will always hold her previous owner in her heart, she now at least has a warm, loving home again and someone who truly cares about her.

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