Meet Bob the street cat, who saved the life of a homeless busker

Meet Bob, a street cat who saved the life of a homeless man named James Bowen when his life was it its lowest point possible.

James is so thankful for his furry four-legged kitty companion that he even wrote a book about him, which was then turned into an award-winning film!

James, who was battling with a drug addiction was cast aside by his family and friends and had no choice but to live on the streets.

He got his food from the trash and busked on the sidewalks to try to earn some money.

One day, he even fell into a deep unconsciousness which almost killed him! 

His drug problems were worsening with each passing day.

A social worker decided to reach out to help, and redirected him to a rehabilitation center, so he could recover and get his life back on track.

Soon, James began to show signs of recovery.

Then, he met Bob! The ginger street cat suddenly appeared in his life, and James started feeding him oats and milk from the rehab center.

He tried to search for Bob's real owner, but it was all in vain. Bob kept coming back to him! So he decided to take care of Bob himself.

They are inseparable. 

James even starved himself to make sure his new pet kitty was fed and had medicine. He spent lots of money bringing Bob to the vet so he could recover!

Bob soon accompanied James when busking in the streets of London, and the pair were super popular! 

Some even gave the cute kitty some gifts at Christmas.

It’s safe to say that James has now turned his life around—now he works selling magazines and has recovered from his drug addiction!

And the reason behind his motivation is his beloved pet Bob, who helped him see past all his bitter experiences in the past.

James' book called 'A Street Cat Named Bob' was published in 2010 and sold 1 million copies in Britain and was translated into 30 languages!

And the film, released in 2016, won the Best Film award in the UK National Film Awards in 2017.

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