This Happy Golden Retriever Loves His Job as a Durian Fruit Harvester

There's an anonymous saying that goes 'You should dress every day like it's the best day of your life'. Apparently, the wise words do not only apply to humans but animals too!

Meet Jub Jib.

She is a Golden Retriever like none other because she, for one, believes in looking her best every day.

Jub Jib is the loving pet of a durian orchard owner in Chanthaburi, Thailand. Besides being an adorable, loving, smart dog to her owner, she also helps her owner out in the orchard.

She is a full-fledged farmer. Probably the cutest farmer in the world.

The hardworking canine has been serving loyally at the orchard since 2014.

It's been five years and she is still dedicated to her job till this date!

Jub Jib's outfits differ every day but her most favorite is the hat.

In a reply to her fan's comment on her Facebook page, Jub Jib revealed that she has a total of eight hats and she loves them all. She alternates them every day to make sure she gives a lasting impression to her customers.

The furry farmer's job scope includes checking on the quality of the harvest and making sure no intruders trespass her owner's property.

Some days, she likes to pretend she's the thorny boss lady of the durian kingdom. We approve this look!

If you're wondering what does Jub Jib does when the durians are not in season and there's nothing for her work on, here's an important notice from the adorable dog herself.

"Even if the durian runs out, Jub Jib is never unemployed. Can hire me to wash cars," she says in one of her Facebook posts.

Keep hustling in style, Jub Jib!

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