Lost Dog Living As Stray On Streets Can't Believe He Finally Reunited With His Family

Two months ago, a family in Turkey lost their sweet pup named Leo. The family was devastated, they did everything they could to find him, but to no avail. Although they couldn't find any sign of the beloved pup, Leo's family never gave up hope.

Amazingly, everything has changed when Leo's owner son, Sertac Arac spotted a dog who looked remarkably similar to Leo when was in a neighboring town about 60 miles away for work.

The dog was living as a stray outside a café and wandering on the streets. Arac was in doubt, so he took a picture of him and sent to his parents. After seeing that photo, Arac's parents believed that was Leo and they immediately drove to the café to check for themselves.

All doubt was soon laid rest when Leo recognized his family immediately. Holding back tears, video shows Leo jumping on his owner and wagging his tail.

"When Leo saw us, he was very happy and we were very happy," Araç said.

Thankfully, Leo was finally reunited with his family after being separated from them and living as stray on the streets for two months. He is now back with his family who will love him unconditionally.

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