Kitten With a Pair of "Worrisome Eyebrows" Grows Up to Be a Handsome Cat

Meet little Gary!

He was born with two adorable blotches on his forehead which resemble a pair of eyebrows. They are slanted down and shaped as if he is always concerned and worried.

When Gary's human, Andy Entwistle, saw the kitten for the first time, he noticed those distinctive markings right away and fell in love.

As the kitty grew, his "eyebrows" also got bigger.

Those endearingly peculiar markings make little Gary look constantly confused.

His humans gave him a nickname, "Concerned Kitten", and it's stuck ever since.

He found a scarf and claimed it as his own.

Who could possibly resist that face?!

When Gary wants something, he gets it every time!

The kitty uses his "talent" to swoon his humans. That "sad kitten face" works every time!

As he grew bigger, those adorable "eyebrows" became more prominent, and they started to spread out.

Despite looking concerned all the time, Gary is the most playful kitty in the house.

Gary lives with his humans and other kitty friends (Marley, Rik, Magic and Gomez) in Bolton in the UK.

He was named after Gary Barlow (a pop star) from Take That.

Those worrisome eyebrows get even more intense when the kitty tilts his head.

Gary the little heart-stealer!

He's also a little mischief-maker, constantly plotting his next antic.

Teenage Gary!

Some things never change :).

Look at that face!

Gary turned two this year.

The sweet kitty has blossomed into a handsome boy!

He loved sitting in this stroller when he was a baby.

Two years later... he still loves it! :)What a stunner he's become! :)

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