Precious little girl sings 'You Are My Sunshine' to beloved cat as he passes

Erin Merryn and her family were the proud owners of an orange tabby cat named Bailey. They loved him with all their hearts and included him in a slew of adorable activities, which they photographed and filmed. However, there's one video in particular of Bailey that has the internet needing tissues.

Merryn was in college when she purchased the tiny feline. In fact, she even had to sneak Bailey into her dorm room.

She told that she felt she'd "won the lottery with him." During her interview, the mom, author, and speaker also shared:

"I have always said if everyone had a Bailey there would be a lot less people in this world lonely or depressed. I always told people there was a little human inside Bailey."

Bailey was around when Merryn brought home her first precious daughter, Abby.

Although she wasn't quite sure how the cat would respond to having a newborn in the house – Bailey instantly fell in love with Abby. Merryn explained to Love Meow that he'd stay by the baby's side and give her snuggles, purrs, and affection. He also was like a "protective brother" along the way.

Bailey loved Abby and she was smitten with him too.

She'd sing to the cat and read him stories, and interestingly enough, the feline would sit through every moment of it. Even when the family welcomed another daughter, Hannah, Bailey had the same love and patience as he did with Abby.

Bailey ended up earning himself the title of being "No Ordinary Cat" for his “uncatlike” behaviors.

Merryn told PEOPLE that he would allow her daughters to dress him up, bathe him, push him like a baby in a stroller, and he'd even sit in a high chair wearing a bib. Bailey would attend their picnics, play school, and accompany them at their lemonade stands.

"He just loved these girls and let them do whatever they wanted to him. It was incredible."

The girls' special bond with Bailey was captured through videos and photos, which Merryn shared on social media.

A video of four-year-old Abby sweetly singing "You Are My Sunshine" to Bailey caught everyone's attention – including news sources and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

Because of the video, Bailey gained many new fans and social media followers. Sadly though, it was only a few months later that the feline reached a point where his life was coming to an end.

14-year-old Bailey was experiencing kidney failure and Merryn knew his time was near. Abby sat and sang her cat "You Are My Sunshine" once again – but it was the very last time. Sweet and gentle Bailey passed away only three hours after the video was recorded.

Bailey is no longer with us, but his legacy still lives on.

The family continues to run their "Bailey No Ordinary Cat" social media pages, which are full of the most heartwarming memories. In addition, Erin Merryn released a book of the same title! Needless to say, the late feline is still a star and loved by people across the globe.

 Watch the tear-jerking video below to see Abby sing "You Are My Sunshine" to Bailey for the very last time. May he rest in peace and his beautiful spirit continue to soar!

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