Kind Pit Bull Offers His Doghouse To Pregnant Stray Cat And Stands Guard As She Has Her Kittens

 Pit bulls have a bad reputation because they are aggressive and vicious. They attack and bite humans, so many communities are considering breed-specific bans on them. However, these dogs are not naturally aggressive, as some people believe. Anyone who has owned a pit bull knows that they are great and loyal family pets.

Meet Hades, a sweet pit bull lives in Mexico with his owner, Juan José P. Flores. Those who don't know much about him assume that he is aggressive and scary. But no matter what other people may think about him, he always proves he is sweet and gentle.

Recently, Flores had noticed a stray cat frequenting his neighborhood. Though he couldn't get close to her, he regularly left food out for her to ensure she was full and warm. After seeing that act of kindness, Hades decided to help the stray.

One day, Flores was at home when he heard knocking at the back door leading to Hades' hang out place. He opened the door and saw his pup."He was desperate and making a lot of noise," said Flores. It looked like Hades was excited to show him something important.

Flores went out to check and saw a sweet sight. Hades happily showed that he invited the stray cat to stay in his doghouse. "I was very surprised," Flores said. As it turns out, the cat was pregnant and in need of a safe place to give birth.

Hades even stayed close by the cat as she went into labor. "He dragged a blanket over to the entrance of his house and settled outside the door," Flores shared. "She felt protected by him."

Thanks to Hades' help, the cat successfully gave birth to two beautiful kittens. The mom cat couldn't be happier welcoming the newborn kittens. And of course, Hades was happy to meet them. "I think he felt that he was a father," Flores said.

Flores has carefully moved the new family into the main house so that he and Hades can keep a closer eye on them together. Hades and the mom cat, now named Nicol, have formed a beautiful friendship. When Nicol isn't busy taking care of her kittens, they spend a lot of their time together.

Juan shared that when the time is right, he will find new families for the kittens. He also hopes that Hades' sweet actions will cause a change of thinking about his breed, and inspire others to be kind to them.

"Pit bulls are good dogs,” Flores said. "Hades put everything aside to help someone else. We should do the same without expecting anything in return."

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