Mama Dog Proved Mothers' Love And Instinct As She Kept Digging Debris To Find Her Pups Even Though No Human Knew If They Were Alive

A mother would do anything for her children.
Animal Aid Unlimited, India, an animal rescue organization, got a call about a sweet dog who wouldn't stop crying. It seemed like she was a worried mom since she had lots of milk. She asked passers-by for help, and luckily a good Samaritan reached the local rescue organization, Animal Aid Unlimited, India.

The volunteers rushed to the scene to see how they could help. When they got there, the worried mom sprang into action and led them to a house that collapsed in the rain. The rescuers arrived at a spot with house rubbles and then she looked at them with eyes that begged for help and a wagging tail, as if she knew they were her guardian angels. 

The rescuers realized that her puppies were buried beneath the rubble of the house. The mother didn't wait for a second and started calling them to start helping, she knew there wasn't much time left. 

As the rescuers started to move the rocks, she kept on showing them the exact spot. The mother dog couldn't sit aside and watch them work, so she started to dig herself, she would do anything to rescue her beloved babies.

The dog took turns digging and helped them moving rocks that were stuck, with her own delicate paws and mouth, she actually helped them a lot. When they got a bit tired, she continued digging.

When the rescuers moved the worried canine so they could continue the work, she came back immediately to continue. As they were digging, she was super anxious, she rushed them to work faster. 

They saw by the way she behaved that she knew her pups were alive. They started hearing the puppies crying under the rubbles. As they got closer, the sweet mom was super excited to be reunited with them. She knew they were getting closer.

Finally, the rescuers were able to find one puppy that was buried in the sand. The mom couldn't believe she was reunited with her pup. As soon as it all hit her, she started to kiss her baby. The brave mom was extremely excited and hoped to see one more pup, she kept waiting patiently.

Then they rescued the second pup! The determined dog couldn't handle her happiness, she was relieved to be reunited with her beloved little babies finally.

The rescuers moved the canine family to a safe place with blankets and food where she could nurse them. On the way there, she didn't let them off her sight and made sure they were ok.

When the little pups are weaned, they will spay the loving mom. 

The incredible mom managed to communicate with the rescuers the whole time. It's like they all understood each other.

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